Weretouched Master

Prerequisites: Shifter, character level 5th

Benefit: Choose one animal. By expending 2 rounds of shifting as a standard action, you may take the form of that animal as with beast shape I. After the first round, you maintain this form as with shifting. You may not use your normal shifting ability while in this form.

Special: At 8th level you may instead expend replicate a beast shape II effect. At 11th level you may replicate a beast shape III effect. At 14th level you may replicate a beast shape IV effect. You must choose the same form for each version of this ability.

Special: The transformation granted by this feat is considered to be wild shape for the purposes of prerequisites. You may expend 2 rounds of shifting in place of a use of wild shape for the use of an item or ability based on uses of wild shape (such as a wild feat).

Weretouched Master

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