It rises out of the mist to the south of Khorvaire, beyond Shargon’s Teeth and the Thunder Sea. Today, Xen’drik is a continent of secrets and mystery, a wild place full of promise and danger. In the distant past, Xen’drik was home to a great civilization of giants, and the remains of these kingdoms hide within the dense jungles of the continent. Giants of all types still roam the jungles and mountains of Xen’drik, but they are primitive and disorganized compared to the society of the distant past. The elves of Aerenal also trace their origin to these mysterious shores, and the dark-skinned elves called drow still live among the ruins of the giant civilization.

The sahuagin guard the seas leading to Xen’drik, making the trip to the mysterious continent dangerous. Some sahuagin tribes can’t be reasoned with; they attack any who attempt to pass through Shargon’s Teeth to reach the jungles of Xen’drik. Other tribes, however, make a living by selling their services as guides and leading ships through the hard-to-navigate waterway. Working through malenti intermediaries, these friendlier sahuagin regularly trade with and assist explorers and merchants from Khorvaire, and many people in Sharn have standing deals with these tribes.

In many ways, Xen’drik is a lost continent. It’s a huge place, and only a fraction of it has been explored. Ancient ruins, dungeons, tombs, and treasure vaults abound, and monsters of all types roam the land or lair in these sites. Explorers from Khorvaire have mapped portions of the coastline, but much of the interior of the continent remains a mystery.

Cyclopean ruins have been found in the deep jungle, the remnants of a bygone civilization of giants that came to an end quickly and violently. Primitive clans of giants, regressed socially and technologically, still inhabit many of the enormous ruins. Some of the ruins have been overrun by monsters, and still others serve as home to organized tribes of drow who have the most advanced society on the continent.

The Ring of Siberys circles the world high above Xen’drik, and when Siberys dragonshards fall to the ground, they land on the mysterious continent. Thus, Xen’drik is the only source of Siberys dragonshards. (Some believe Argonnessen may also contain Siberys dragonshards, but the dragons won’t let anyone in to check.)

A trade city sits at the tip of Xen’drik’s northern peninsula. Called Stormreach, it was built as a pirate hideout but now serves as the first stop for expeditions to the continent of secrets. All the dragonmarked houses have agents in Stormreach, and many have outposts and emporiums as well. Some of the giant tribes living in the area trade with the city, but the farther one travels into the interior of the continent, the more inhospitable the denizens become.


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